Student Leadership

Welcome to the Senior Student Leadership Team
Please see the noticeboard by the Hall where this information can be found.

What are the Student leadership Teams at Longhill High School?

  • The Senior Student Leadership Team (SSLT)
  • The Student Voice Leadership Team (SVLT)
  • The Student Well-being Leadership Team (SWLT)

Each member of the SSLT has responsibility for leading, supporting and guiding the SVLT or SWLT.

What are the collective aims of Student Leadership?

  • To promote academic achievement of all students including a love of reading.
  • To increase students’ motivation, resilience and confidence.
  • To make sure every child feels safe and welcome in school.
  • To support students to feel ready and prepared for secondary school.
  • To provide valuable feedback on school life including teaching and learning, wellbeing provision, homework and rewards.

Senior Student Leadership Team

This consists of: Two Head Students, Deputy Heads, Assistant Heads and Reading Leaders.

Student Voice Leadership Team

This consists of: Year ambassadors and mentor representatives; reading mentors and Y6 to Y7 transition mentors; subject ambassadors and sports leaders.

Student Well-being Leadership Team

Currently, this consists of: Anti-bullying ambassadors and well-being ambassadors. It is, however, an area of growth as the SSLT listen to student feedback and create more roles in response to areas that students feel passionately about.

How Can Students Get Involved in Leadership?

Ask your mentor to email your Head of Year and they will organise a member of the Senior Student Leadership Team to meet with you and discuss what roles are available and how to apply for these. Alternatively, every Friday on week 2, Student Leaders are in the hall at lunchtime to discuss upcoming events that you can attend or help to organise.

Why is Student Leadership Beneficial?

  • It will lead to personal growth as you learn to: be an active listener and fluent communicator; negotiate and organise; budget and plan ahead, as well as inspire others.
  • While working collaboratively with others can be challenging, this teamwork is critical in life beyond school and will fully prepare you for future education and employment.
  • You’ll soon learn about how to work with diverse personalities to make exciting things happen…