Headteacher’s Summer Half Term Letter

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Dear Parents/Carers

Summer has arrived, gone again, arrived and gone again, we wait its return…

We have a few events coming up that I wish to share with you.

Tuesday 16th July will be our annual Celebration Evening. Always a huge pleasure to share our successes, Year 7 to Year 10, bringing the end to the academic year, in a very positive evening.

Our exam results for our current Year 11 will be out to students on Thursday 22nd August.

The Graduation Ceremony for Year 11 will be on the 6th September and our last time together as a year group. This is before the Year 11BBQ and of course the Prom. Please see the ‘events’ section of the website for details and times.

Our 50th Celebrations will start with the Celebration Evening, ending the 50th year. Longhill opened in September 1963 with September 2013 being our official 50th birthday.

27th September will be a whole school celebration for our 50th and Saturday the 28th September a formal event for members of our school community, past and present. Details and times to follow.

Our Open Evening will take place on the 9th October.

Our results this year will again show improvement and we are confident that the 8% rise in 5 A*-C English and Maths will be the case again, as we break the 50% barrier for the first time. This year will show six years of improvement and increasing success and achievement.

I am very proud of our continuing progress and achievements and thank you all for your support over the past six years.

I hope to meet with you and share our success at one of our forthcoming celebrations.

Together we will mark the 50th year of Longhill with the results that show this to be, one of the school’s most successful of years.

Haydn Stride

















































We have produced a 50th Celebration History of the School, which we will make available shortly.


If parents wish to join us in our celebrations, please either contact the PTFA (Parents, Teachers & Friends Association) through the website or through our Parent Governors, also through the school website.


Once again thank you for your support.



Haydn Stride


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