At Longhill High School, all students complete a three year Key Stage 3 where they experience a wide range of subjects. At the beginning of Year 10, students begin Key Stage 4 by taking the compulsory Core Subjects plus 4 option subjects they have chosen as part of the Options Process.

The 202-24 Curriculum Structure is found here:

Scroll down to see Curriculum Booklets published for the September 2023 Academic year.


Independent Learning (homework) is defined as work set by the teacher to be done at home, either by the student alone or with the support of an older sibling, parent or carer. We run an Independent Learning club in the school library after school on Mondays. This club provides students a supervised space with accessibility to a computer and resources they will need to complete independent learning tasks.

Through the provision of a variety of activities and approaches to independent learning,  we aim to:

  • raise standards in all curriculum areas
  • create a partnership between parents and teachers with regard to students’ learning
  • consolidate/reinforce students’ skills, knowledge and understanding of work covered in class
  • improve pupils’ attitudes to learning and independent learning skills

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Independent Learning Policy

Click the links below to view the Independent Learning policy for all subject areas.

Yr 7, 8 + 9 Independent Learning Policy by Subject
Yr10+11 Independent Learning Policy by Subject

Key Stage 3 Recommended Reading List

Reading at home is a wonderful way to expand your child’s vocabulary and increase their success across the whole curriculum. Here’s a reading list of recommended texts at Key Stage 3, many of which can also be found online at the virtual school library:

Learning Journeys by year group

The Learning Journeys below have detailed information on the syllabus offered for each year group.

Year 10