National Anti-bullying week 18th – 22nd November

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There are lots of events taking place during the week to raise the profile of our Anti-bullying work and to remind students where to go to get help if they need it. Year 7’s are doing a lot of work around the definition of bullying and are trying to earn ‘kind act’ vouchers throughout the week to promote positive and kind behaviours towards others.
Performances from local theatre groups are performing to our Year 9s and 10s this Wednesday. The Year 10’s will be watching a performance of ‘Is it worth it? This Sussex Police School Tour is an exciting 60 minute road show based on anti-social behaviour, particularly the health and social implications of binge drinking, both on the community and the individual, asking the simple question ‘Is It Worth It?’. The show is high impact with music, performances and interactive games.
Year 9’s will be watching a piece brought to us from the Theatre Workshop called ‘Sunny Side Up’. It is a moving and passionate piece that every teenager can connect with. ‘SunnySide Up’ focusses on growing up and the issues teenagers have to cope with often behind closed doors.  Tackling difficult subjects such as living with pressures of exams and how social networking has created a new platform for bullying are but a few.
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