Safe and Well at School Survey (SAWSS)

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This term, all students in Years 7-11 will participate in the Safe & Well School Survey. This is an online, anonymous, annual City Wide survey for children and young people aged between 7 and 16. The survey asks a range of questions about school, health and wellbeing and about experiences of bullying. It is explained to all children and young people that this is a confidential survey and they cannot be identified by the information that is collected. They are also asked to speak to a member of school staff or other trusted adult if participating in the survey makes them feel worried or concerned. This survey does not require parental permission to participate, but all children and young people have the right not to participate. We run this survey to help our school further improve Healthy Schools activities, PSHE lessons and our whole school approach to anti-bullying and equality. Furthermore, data from all schools is collated to provide city-wide information about bullying and health and wellbeing and this is used to improve services and support for children and young people.

We will feed back on the survey results in March 2014. If you have any questions about anti-bullying week or the survey please contact Ms F Barton.

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