Pankhurst Junior Leadership Team- Food Drive- for the “City Mission Basics Bank”

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This week the PJLT (Pankhurst Junior Leadership Team) have been leading assemblies on  “Mary’s Meals”; a charity that provides food for children in developing countries.

Alongside this, we have been holding a food drive, to raise awareness of the fact that there are also lots of people who are hungry and suffering in our local community.

We have been collecting food for the “City Mission Basics Bank” a charity that helps to provide food for the homeless people of Brighton and Hove.

Examples of the types of food that students have been bringing in are:

•All types of tinned food
•Non perishable food
•Packets of food e.g pasta, rice, noodles and biscuits
•Non refrigerated food

The food drive has been set up as a competition between Longhill’s five houses.

Students have been asked to hand their food into student services and write their name and mentor group on the sign up sheet on the wall . . .

Every student who has done so, has won 5 points for their house which is helping to give their house a greater chance of winning a reward trip to Thorpe Park next term.

The food drive started on Monday 7th July and will end on Monday 14th July.

If you could please encourage your children to bring some food in , if they have not yet done so, it would be much appreciated. It is their last chance!

It really will help to make a difference to the life of somebody in our city.

Thank you.

Keita Nwokedi (Pankhurst House/PJLT)

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