Exams 2015-2016

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Dear Parents and Carers
Exams Office Information
Examinations Officer: Mrs N Goddard ngoddard@longhill.org.uk
This page contains important information about all formal and mock examinations.   The examination timetable (www.longhill.org.uk/learning/exam-timetable/) is a live calendar that shows all examinations throughout the academic year.   Parents and students will be formally notified of each exam so that students have time to prepare for each assessment.  Teachers will additionally provide specific information prior to these examinations during lessons.
If there are any questions regarding the mock or formal examinations please contact the examinations officer: Mrs N Goddard ngoddard@longhill.org.uk  or contact the relevant teacher via the Information Portal.    https://remote.longhill.org.uk/INSIGHT/secure.aspx
Thank you

For the Exam Timetable click here

For Exam Notices see links below:-

Exam Notice – No Mobile Phones

Exam Notice – Warning to Candidates

Information for candidates – Controlled Assessments

Information for candidates – onscreen tests

Information for candidates – written exams

Information for candidates – social media_0

Information for candidates – Privacy Notice

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