Longhill High School students aspire to Be The Change

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Last Thursday a select group of Longhill High School Year 10 students attended the Be The Change event at the Amex Community Stadium.


Organised by lovelocaljobs.com and run by the social enterprise group HumanUtopia, the event was an interactive and inspiring experience to help Brighton’s students develop their personal, social and employability skills.


Brighton’s local business people and student ambassadors worked supportively with the students in groups to open their eyes to the world of work and the possibilities it can bring. There was much discussion and sharing of views, aspirations and understanding of what qualities are required to be successful in business and the workplace.


The event highlighted the importance of the students’ individual qualities, as well as qualifications, and demonstrated that a rewarding career and successful future is within every young person’s reach.


Students said:

‘It was really inspiring, loads of information and I know where to go if I need help with CV writing’ – Kieran

‘It was interesting and very helpful. It made me learn I don’t need to worry about talking to new people’ – Dylan

‘Inspirational, enjoyable and I enjoyed meeting Gordon Greer’ – Alfie

‘Inspiring, real eye opener and enjoyed meeting new people’ – Charlie

‘Extremely beneficial to me and very inspirational’ – Harry


Longhill High School prides itself on involving its students in additional opportunities and experiences to help them prepare for life after school, in either employment or further education.

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Be the change   Longhill High School students with local sport and business leaders

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