E-Safety and Cyber Bullying

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Modern technologies offer huge opportunities to engage others, learn, relax and entertain. Our use of technology can also result in risk, danger and negative impact upon others.


E-Safety will feature in your first ICT lesson in school.


Information about keeping safe may be found on the following link:




Our policy regarding the safe use of ICT and modern technologies include:


“Harassment of another person using ICT or breaking their right to privacy, poses a serious threat to their physical and emotional safety”


The school will confiscate any recording equipment, such as mobile telephones, if they have been used to record adults or young people, without consent.


The school will take disciplinary action against any contravention of this guidance.


This may result in exclusion from the school.


These guidelines cover travel, to and from school. They also cover breaks and travel between



Incidents that occur out of school hours may become part of the schools authority if they are judged to impact a member of the school community or bring the school into disrepute.


All transgressions that may have legal implications will be reported to the Police. This may become than a responsibility of the Police to take any actions deemed necessary.


E-Safety is a key issue in school and in modern life. Young people must understand risks involved and reduce those risks by their own safe behaviour.


If parents have any questions or require further information please check the links provided above first, then contact the school for further support.

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