Persistence Pays Off with New Library Chairs

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Longhill librarian, Rebecca Denyer, is one tenacious lady who doesn’t take no for an answer!  Through a chance conversation during the course of her husband’s work, Rebecca learned of a huge office building that was being decommissioned in Horsham town centre.  The building contained a large quantity of office seating which Rebecca thought would be ideal to replace the faded, worn-out furniture in the school library.

First, Rebecca contacted the company who owned the building, but heard nothing back; next she contacted the council in Horsham, but also got no response; not willing to give up, Rebecca contacted the MP for Horsham, Jeremy Quin, who in turn passed on Rebecca’s enquiry to Brighton MP, Simon Kirby; this resulted in contact being made by the building’s owners, who then put Rebecca in touch with the demolition company!

Agreement was reached and, with the help of Brighton & Hove City Council’s “Man with a Van”, the 50 chairs were delivered to Longhill for installation in the library.  A big “thank you” goes out to Rebecca Denyer, Jeremy Quin and Simon Kirby from students and staff for their perseverance and assistance in securing this lovely new seating for Longhill Library!


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