Business Studies Meets the Hissing Cockroach!

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In the cold, dark days of early January, forty five intrepid Year 10 Business Studies students visited the Drusilla’s Park Education Department to research how the Park is run as a business. This is part of the Business Studies GCSE in which a comparative study of two different businesses is made.

During the visit, we had a presentation given to us by James Woodward, Head of Education, who gave us information and answered key questions that will be beneficial for our coursework. Thanks James! Towards the end of the presentation, James brought out a few animals which we were able to touch and view; these animals included a snake, a monkey, a chinchilla and the famous armadillo, Gretel, who had been mentioned in many newspapers for her ‘new year, new me’ dieting plan!

The students of year ten were then taken on a guided tour around the Park itself, where they saw the large variety of animals which led to many of the students’ jaws dropping in interest and, at certain points, terror! The bravest of the students took the chance to hold the hissing cockroach whilst others escaped to the less ghoulish rabbits who were based just around the corner!

In my opinion, one of the students’ favourite parts of the trip was venturing around the new and exclusive ‘Hello Kitty Garden’ which included the Hopper Ride, which propels you into the sky and the Car Ride which involved the students being able to steer around the track, through a tunnel and around the centre water fountain. Finally, there was the Hello Kitty Tea Cup Ride which sends you spinning at a fast rate around the giant central tea cup!

Daniella Wilby, Year 10

Drusilla’s praised the Longhill students for being the first to brave the elements this year and for their exemplary behaviour – they were a credit to the School!

Drusillas Snake
Slithering Snake

Drusillas Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty

Drusillas Hissing Cockroach
Hissing Cockroach

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