It’s an “A” for Attendance at Longhill!

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Longhill High School celebrates the lowest Secondary Persistent Absence rate in the City of Brighton & Hove!


As you may be aware, the Department of Education gathers data on school attendance, but also on “Persistent Absence”.  The current definition means that any student whose attendance is below 90% for the year is classified as a “persistent absentee”; students and schools are required to give detailed explanations of any absences from school to the Local Authority.

Brighton & Hove City Council Behaviour & Attendance Team have just released the citywide data for this year on persistent absence across the city and we are delighted to report that Longhill has the lowest persistent absence rate across all Brighton & Hove secondary schools!

We are so pleased to get this recognition and it is a credit to Longhill students and their parents/carers who recognise the value of each school day.  Once again, we would like to pass on our sincere thanks to students and their parents/carers for this amazing achievement and we are looking forward to another half term of excellent attendance!

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