Longhill Praised for PSHE Provision

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Longhill was praised in a BBC report this week for being one of the few school’s nationally who have a designated member of staff to teach PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education).

This subject is not a mandatory part of the curriculum and, in 2013, Ofsted found that class-time given over to PSHE had fallen by a third over the last 4 years.

PSHE teacher Hugh Garling said, “In terms of curriculum and exams, teachers and students are under more and more pressure.  Meanwhile we get increases in mental health issues, personal and social problems for young people and these need to be addressed.”

Parents and carers appreciate that Longhill is helping to equip their children to deal with current-day problems.  One mother said, “It’s a huge part of people’s lives; you can’t escape it so you’ve got to understand it.”

Bereaved mothers, of children who had been groomed online, visited Downing Street to ask the Prime Minister to make PSHE statutory in schools.  The Education Secretary has said that she is looking at PSHE, not just in terms of whether it should be mandatory, but in how to make it effective.  Brighton & Hove Council is supporting many schools in the City with their provision of PSHE and Longhill is proud to be one of these.

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