Dance Students Wow Wembley!

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Longhill dance students enjoyed an awesome experience at the end of the summer when they took part in a special dance performance at Wembley Stadium.  The dance was devised to entertain the crowd during half time at the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final.


The 15 dancers from Brighton had just one day to learn the routine which was performed by over 200 dancers from all around the United Kingdom.  The performance was organised by the Rugby League Cares charity and Join the Momentum, who arrange various performances at prestigious sporting events across the country.


The students were awestruck as they emerged from the tunnels into the iconic stadium to rehearse their routine on the empty pitch before the match. Their performance on the pitch-side during half time delighted the cheerful crowd on a sunny summer afternoon.


For many of the students, it was their first experience of performing at a major event in such a wonderful setting and they were able to watch the Hull versus Warrington match too!



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