Caroline Lucas Joins Longhill High School Students for Educational Workshop

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Longhill High School students and staff were delighted to welcome the newly re-elected Green Party Leader and MP, Caroline Lucas, into school last week.

After a tour of the school, Ms Lucas joined students taking part in a cross-year workshop on education and the curriculum.  Students at the workshop, organised by English teacher Mr Laycock, considered a wide range of topics and had to decide how important they were and whether or not they should be included in the curriculum.  Subjects under consideration ranged from Shakespeare to First Aid, from Accounting to Art, from History to Gender Studies and many, many more.

Students from years 7 to 10 worked in groups to discuss the various subjects, first deciding whether they were ‘must haves’, ‘maybes’ or ‘must be kidding’, why they thought they were being taught and then ranking them in order of importance.  At the end of the session, each group gave an impressive presentation of their ideas for shaping education and the reasons for their choices.

Discussions were thought-provoking and differed among the various age groups.  Chloe, from Year 7, told the group, “I don’t think that we need to learn about history.  It’s in the past and we should be living and learning about the present.” But Shauna, from Year 10 replied, “We do need to learn about the past.  We can see what mistakes were made and try to learn from them to make a better future.”

The students enjoyed talking to Caroline Lucas and the feeling was mutual.  “Thanks so much for such a warm welcome.” she said.  “I’m incredibly inspired by meeting fantastic students and teachers – thanks for letting me share your brilliant workshop!”

Headteacher Kate Williams told us, “I’m so proud of our amazing students working with Caroline Lucas.  They got so much out of meeting her and from the workshop.  My favourite quote from a student was ‘I believe that I can make a difference’.

Longhill High School would be pleased to welcome any other local Members of Parliament who wish to visit us and meet our inspirational students and staff.


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