Festival of Learning Celebrates Deans Partnership

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Primary staff from schools in the Deans Partnership visited Longhill High School last week for a Festival of Learning; this was a week in which schools in the Deans Partnership shared and celebrated their achievements and knowledge across a variety of topics.

Longhill High School welcomed primary staff, who visited for a week of sharing best practice as well as learning more about effective primary school teaching and learning.  The main aim of the week was to build on the already highly-acclaimed transition practice at Longhill High, which supports students’ transition from year 6 into year 7.  Staff from the Deans Partnership primary schools came in to experience several lessons, which included:

  • Learning how to establish a ‘real’ history environment by supporting students with interviewing local residents to capture Brighton’s history through the decades
  • Using self-discovery and higher-level thinking skills to explore places with a Geographical context
  • Using felt techniques to replicate marine life.

It was an extremely enjoyable and insightful week for all participants and we would like to thank all students and staff involved in making this so successful.  We look forward to continuing to share knowledge and best practice with our primary partners in future.

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