GCSE Results 2017

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Longhill High School students have done well in their exams and on the whole achieved above predictions.

Some individual results are:

  • seven A*s,  two 9s and a 7 (Olivia Darbyshire)
  • seven As, a 9 and two 7s (Eddy Stevens)
  • three A*s, three As, three 8s and a C (Lewis Monckton)
  • one A*, three As, two Bs, two 7’s and a 6 (Aayushi Amin)
  • two A*s, three As, an 8, a 7 and a 6 (Robyn McCaw)

A comparison against last year is impossible and the national picture is still unclear, but we’re very proud of all the students and their achievements. Well done to all the staff and the students on their achievements and overcoming the challenges that the national educational changes have brought us.

The progress of the students is not yet measurable or comparable, due to national figures that are published at the end of October.

Results not collected will be posted home. Results will also be available via the information portal.

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