Spooky Science Inspires Students

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Students enjoyed a spooky welcome in their science lessons on Tuesday as our Science Department celebrated “Dress as an Undead Scientist” day on 31st October.

Dressed as a favourite scientist, the teachers talked about the life and work of famous important scientists and discussed the many STEM careers available to students who study science beyond GCSE.

As always, our Science Department immerse themselves fully in their chosen characters when the opportunity arises!  See below for an outline of who they are and what they did.

Mr Barass – Nikola Tesla who worked on radio, alternating current and X rays

Mr Tester – Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin

Mr Doe – Isambard Kingdmn Brunel, a great Civil Engineer

Ms Winfied – Marie Curie, who pioneered work on radiation

Mr Burgess – Steve Irwin, a naturalist

Miss Egner – Isaac Newton, the founder of modern physics

Mr Dean – Thomas Midgley Jr, the inventor of leaded petrol and CFCs

Mr Dodd – a medieval alchemist



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