Christmas Stuffing is No Turkey!

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Audiences were delighted by this year’s Christmas panto offering from Longhill High School, which ran over two evenings, as well as a special matinee performance for local primary school children. The original pantomime, entitled ‘Christmas Stuffing’, was once again penned by Longhill’s very own multi-talented Deputy Head, Bill Holland, who also played a major role as pub landlady, Stella Artois.

This year’s panto story involved all the fairy tale favourites, living happily in the forest, protected by a magic spell cast by the good Fairy Fruitful (Priscilla Lupata).  Things took a turn for the worse when evil Hector Hermist (Esther Barnard), a world famous taxidermist, wanted to complete his collection of stuffed animals to display around his castle and was trying to steal the fairy’s wand.  Meanwhile, Humpty Dumpty (Charlie Barr) was trying to organise his talent show, ‘The Eggs Factor’ and Jack (Mack Dunk) was trying to win over his secret love, Goldilocks; the three pigs were trying to build their new houses and Red Riding Hood (Molly Rogers) was trying to take her basket of goodies to her grandmother, whilst harbouring a secret crush on Jack.

The whole production was a resounding success, with wildly funny and enthusiastic performances from students and staff alike.  The young stars played their parts to perfection, from the winsome Red Riding Hood to the exuberant Humpty Dumpty and the charming Jack to the stalwart taxidermist’s assistant Willie Makeit (Shae Bergin).  Staff too took their turns to shine, from the fiendish Hector to the outlandish Stella, with a fabulous last-minute appearance from Jo Ellis as the delinquent Baby Bear.

With songs and jokes aplenty, the audience applauded, laughed and whooped, enjoying a couple of hours of heart-warming entertainment for all ages.  Staff, students, parents, friends and neighbours all joined together in relishing a cracking night out.  “A fantastic performance @LonghillSchool from the very talented students and staff tonight. Thank you, we had a blast!” said one audience member. “Went last night WOW!!! Fantastic, entertaining, hilarious!!! Going tonight as well!!” exclaimed another. Huge thanks to Director, Jo Fenwick, and all the cast and crew for putting on such a first class show!

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