Independence for Nick thanks to Wheelchair Donation 

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Year 10 student, Nick Boyland, is over the moon with his new power-assisted wheelchair, generously donated by Genting Casinos and CHIPS.

The CHIPS charity was founded on behalf of the casino and gaming industry and raises funds to purchase specialised powered wheelchairs for young people with disabilities.   Working alongside Motus Medical, who are experts in the field of mobility, each wheelchair is a custom-fit for its new owner.

Nick was nominated to receive the wheelchair by staff members at Longhill High and Hillside, who are the local authority outreach specialists for young people with physical disabilities.  He is absolutely delighted with his new mode of transport, as are his family, who joined Nick for the presentation in Brighton recently.

“It will give me independence,” Nick told us, “At the moment I have to have someone with me all the time in school and sometimes that has made it difficult for me to mix with other students and make friends.  Now I will be able to get around the school site on my own at break and lunchtime, which will be great!”

Generous employees from Genting Casinos took part in a marathon in Madrid to raise funds for the CHIPS charity, which resulted in Nick’s new wheels.  “I’d like to say a huge thank you to the people who raised the money for my new chair” said Nick.  “It will take me a little while to get used to it, but I can’t wait to get started!”

Learning Support teacher Siobhan Hewitt has worked closely with Nick since he started at Longhill High; she told us, “We are all very proud of Nick. He is a hard working student with high aspirations and is currently planning to become an accountant.  Having the wheelchair will increase his independence and give him more freedom to make the choices he wants to make.  Longhill High would like to thank Julia Cornwell from Hillside Outreach, with whom we worked collaboratively on this application for a new wheelchair.”

Photos by kind permission @BrightonArgus

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