Celebrating Science Week at Longhill High

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It’s been a memorable week for science, as we celebrate British Science Week, which coincides ironically with the death of one of our greatest scientists, Stephen Hawking.  No doubt he would have found amusement in the timing of these events and delight to know that his beloved science is enthralling and captivating young students here at Longhill High.

The Science Department staff at Longhill High are an enthusiastic and passionate bunch – determined to engage students in all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), encouraging them to experiment and find solutions for themselves.

Year 7 students squealed with delight as they took part in experiments with the Van der Graaff Generator, which accumulates an electrical charge that produces a visible spark.  They stood well back as they witnessed the energy of methane gas, as demonstrated by their teacher, Mr Dean.

The STEM club, which meets after school every Wednesday, ventured outside to set off some water rockets to celebrate British Science Week.  Students investigated the optimum amount of water to send their rocket the furthest into the sky.

Not forgetting our primary partners, science teacher Miss Holland was able to secure funding from British Science Week.  This will allow small science kits to be given all year 5 students from our local primary schools, to try to encourage them to experiment with safe science at home.

The kits contain paper clips, filter paper, splints, chromatography paper, a funnel, UI paper, pipettes, LED’s and a petri-dish.  They will be contained in an A5 zipped bag with the address of a youtube channel attached (YouTube Science).  This channel will have videos of STEM club students demonstrating simple and safe experiments to conduct at home with the equipment. More videos will be added throughout the year with other fun experiments to do at home, so subscribe for any updates!

Huge thanks to British Science Week for making this possible.

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