Life Drawing Opportunity for Art Students

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A group of talented art students from Longhill High School were given the opportunity recently to take part in a life drawing class at nearby Roedean School.

Year 11 student Indigo explained, “I’m planning to study art at ‘A’ level and possibly beyond that and I was delighted when I was chosen to take part.   One of our exam questions relates to the human figure, so the chance to take part in this life drawing session was a real opportunity for me.

“Although we have done some still life drawing in school, we have only drawn objects, so the chance to draw a life model was really interesting.  The model, who I think was a dancer, would hold a pose for a few minutes, then change to another one.

“The studio we worked in was really light and spacious and we were given the opportunity to work at an easel, rather than a desk.  It felt like a really different approach – a more grown up and independent experience than we usually have in the classroom.  The work I did will now go into my GCSE exam portfolio.”

We wish all our art students well in their exams and thanks to Mr Iozzi and Roedean for this special opportunity.

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