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The Junior Maths Challenge is a national competition for children in Years 6 – 8, which aims to stimulate problem-solving, based on mathematical reasoning and logic.  It is the most popular mathematics competition in the UK, with over 300,000 children taking part each year.

We were delighted this year to enter 40 Year 8s and 40 Year 7s from Longhill High, together with 20 Year 6s from our partner primary schools of Woodingdean, Whitehawk, Our Lady of Lourdes and St Margaret’s.

The results won’t be known for another 2 weeks but we’re hopeful of a favourable result! Last year we had 4 Gold Certificates, 3 Silver Certificates and 12 Bronze Certificates – and we’re hoping to beat that this year!

If solving mathematical problems is a dim and distant memory, then perhaps you might like to have a try at one of the questions that our pupils had to answer:

Billy has three times as many llamas as lambs.
Milly has twice as many lambs as llamas.
They have 17 animals in total.
How many of the animals are llamas?
a)  5
b)  6
c)  7
d)  8
e)  9

Have a go, then click here for the solution (no cheating!)

Year 7 student, Isobel, told us, “I’ve always liked maths and see this challenge as a good opportunity to compete against the rest of the country.  It’s quite difficult, but I think it’s worth it and will give us good practice for exams.

Last year, when I was at St Margaret’s, I got a bronze certificate and hope to do as well, or better, this year.”


Ready for the Challenge

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