Architecture Students Help Build Success

On a sunny Monday morning recently, we were visited by two senior Architecture students from the University of Brighton’s Compact group, which supports students’ transition into higher education.

They came to run an Architecture workshop for some of our Product Design, Creative iMedia and Mathematics students.  Year 10 student, Kaia Allen-Bevan, told us about the session.

“On a Monday morning in June, I was invited to a small architecture session run by two students from Brighton University.  I was immediately intrigued to find out what the session included, as I have never pictured myself studying architecture in the future.  I was interested to see what the course entailed and to see whether, by the end of the session, my views would be changed.

After I and the rest of my Creative iMedia group, plus another group sat in our seats, one of the students talked us through the definition of architecture; we also looked at some examples of buildings that we have in this day and age which have developed from architecture.  We all received one book on each table which included different architects and their style of building, which allowed us to discuss which architectural style we liked best.

This later inspired us when we moved onto the task the other student gave us; after going through the measurement dimensions architects use, the task was as follows: create a blue print of a house for someone using the dimensions we explained, then, make this house out of the paper provided.

We had about 30 minutes to design the blueprint and then actually make the house, which I found quite difficult. However, I cooperated with my friend, Abby, which made the process much quicker and easier to pursue.  I was able to put my team work, communication and mathematics skills to the test and, despite being unable to complete the task, I was proud with the outcome we had.  We completed an extremely neat and accurate blue print, applying the measurements which we learnt at the beginning of the session.

I believe that this session has raised my awareness of architecture and gave me the opportunity to find enjoyment out of drawing buildings, as well as exploring different architects and their style of building.  Despite the fact I personally probably wouldn’t study Architecture in the future, I would definitely recommend the course to people who are interested in construction and the arts, as well as mathematics.”

We would like to thank Brighton University and the Compact team for offering this interesting insight into the world of Architecture to our students.



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