From Nothing to Something Rather Lovely

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With a little imagination, a bunch of willing helpers and some recycling know-how, it’s possible to make something out of nothing, as our Focus Centre students and staff have shown us recently.  Here is their story:

Once upon a time there was a grotty yard at the side of the Focus Centre which resembled the land that we’d all ‘forgot’!

So we cleared away the old bikes that were rusting away, we swept up the massive piles of leaves and old crisp packets and then started our biggest scrounge ever!

With a budget of exactly zero we appealed for plant pots, old tyres, emulsion paint, guttering, wooden pallets and of course plants.  And people responded in spades (excuse the pun). Thank you to all the staff that did that.  The appeal was so successful we have had to say ‘no more’ for the moment.

The students who access the Focus Centre will now have an outside place knowing that they have been instrumental in creating something really beautiful.  Some have painted the planters or the wall (that could have got quite messy, if it wasn’t for our Year 11 girls!) Some have helped with the planting out and some are on the morning ‘snail- watch’ rotaIt has been wonderful discovering what can be done with a bit of imagination, determination and the odd tin of paint.

To the students who have helped to create this space – well done to you!  To the staff who have supported us, above and beyond expectation, thank you too.

Now we would like to make a start at growing food; if anyone out there would be able to pass on tomato plants or strawberries or anything else you think would be easy enough for beginners to grow, then we will happily provide a home, alongside our ‘globe courgettes’ (no, I didn’t know there was such a thing either!)  We’ll keep you updated.


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