The Best Sports Day Ever!

Longhill High School students once again excelled themselves in perfect sports day conditions, as the heatwave gently cooled a little on a mid-July day.  It was a fantastic occasion, with all students and many staff involved throughout the morning and afternoon activities.

Head of PE & Performing Arts Faculty, Mr Fallick, commented, “This has been without a doubt our best ever sports day.”  He went on to explain the format of the day.  “The Year 7s took to Benchball and Rounders for the morning sessions and the winners were Dome and Pavilion Houses.

“Our amazing Year 8s were involved in Handball and Longball and, with the introduction of our new goals, it was a real success.  The top House was Lanes in Handball, with a four way split in Longball.

“Year 9s had our supplementary sports field to themselves and played Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee.  With conditions perfect it was a truly amazing sight! The winners were Dome and Lanes Houses.

“Finally our Year 10s, on their last sports day, took part in Volleyball and Dodgeball, with the winners being Pavilion and Dome Houses.  The morning sessions were brilliant, with students displaying teamwork, leadership and a sense of community spirit throughout the day.

“After a quick lunch, there was everything still to play for and it would come down to who could win the afternoon races, which were run over short distances.  Students on the side-lines were vocal in their support of their various Houses, supporting and cheering the runners all the way through to the finish line.  It was a blistering, competitive afternoon, with races won over the final few metres.

“The race winners were for boys and girls overall as follows: In Year 7 Pavilion, Year 8 Pier, Year 9 Dome and Year 10 Pier.

So, with all of the points added up throughout the day, here are the final standings:

  • Pier House – 4025 1st
  • Lanes House – 4000 2nd
  • Dome House – 3925 3rd
  • Pavilion House – 3850 4th

Congratulations to Pier House! The PE department wishes to thank both the staff who helped officiate and the students for another incredible Sports Day.




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