Indigo’s Inspiring Trip to Cambridge

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My experience at the Cambridge Summer School was an enlightening, motivating and worthwhile experience that I would not consider taking back for a second.

My time in Christ’s College was incredible. The summer school was four days long, we got to stay in student rooms within the college and we had lectures every day in one of the lecture halls. In the lectures professors explained the nature of Cambridge, the courses they have, how to apply and student finance. They debunked a lot of myths about Cambridge and not only gave me knowledge of the university that I didn’t have prior, but also gave me a hope and motivation to aspire to get accepted into a place like Cambridge which I thought wasn’t even in my scope of opportunities.

We also had an academic sessions which were similar to university seminars where we were given a taste of the material you would be given at Cambridge and although it was challenging it was very interesting and exciting. We were also given a tour of the college and town by current university students and had the opportunity to ask any questions about student life.

While I was there I made some wonderful friends across the country. Cambridge, among many other universities, values and focuses on the determination a student has to be able to get what they want through hard work. I feel it has opened me to up to horizons I didn’t know were possible and has given me the want to strive to show people I can do it, no matter what anybody else says. It is only what I say, think and do that matters.

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