A Seasonal Showcase of Talent

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On the 12th and 13th of December, Longhill High School’s drama department held our annual pantomime, “Snow White and the Seven Citizens of Several Sizes”

In true Longhill High School tradition, this year’s play was written by Deputy Headteacher Bill Holland and was directed by Drama Teacher Jo Fenwick. We found out who the magic mirror said was the fairest of them all, booed the evil Queen and her two bungling spies as they set out to capture and kill Snow White, followed Prince Charming as he set out on his quest to find a bride and, of course, met the several citizens of several sizes!

The show was an amazing success, with the highest audience numbers in years. Our amazingly talented students (and staff!) performed incredibly well, acting, singing, dancing, and getting the audience involved in classic pantomime style. We’re all looking forward to the next production already!

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