Dancers Impress in After School Club

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Our very talented dancers have been working hard this year, coming back to Spring Term with a positive, enthusiastic attitude. The girls are eager to confidently show off their favourite moves as they practice them. Just one example is how many of our amazing girls can do some very impressive splits!

The Lower School Dance Club for Years 7 and 8 will be on a Wednesday after school from 3 – 4pm. Year 7 Kayleigh said that she “loved the club” and was eager to tell us all about the new skills she’s learning, such as routines and choreography in different styles. Students in the club learn performance skills and even have the opportunity to choreograph and create their own.

Students will also have the opportunity to perform their dances at various events throughout the year. We witnessed these skills in person at our Xmas Factor event on the last day before Christmas and they wowed us with their technical skills, and we can’t wait for future performances!

The dance club is open to all abilities – all welcome!

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