LGBT Club’s Exciting Latest TV Project

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The weekly LGBT club are getting involved in a very exciting project, starting a TV link with Latest TV where some of our students will be writing, producing and starring in a TV show which interviews politicians and local celebrities.

The project started with Lloyd Russell-Moyle coming in to speak to a group of students from Year 8-11. He talked about his own career history, and about how Parliament works in general. He gave us a history lesson covering Oliver Cromwell and how that linked to his own media headlines when he grabbed the mace in parliament.

Finally he talked about his experience of speaking in Parliament as a man living with HIV, and the process he had to go through to get that platform to speak. At the end he opened the floor to some questions from students about expenses and the world of politics in general. His best advice for students regarding politics was to know the rules, know when to break them, and know the consequences!

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