Shakespearian Theatre at Longhill High School

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Longhill High School was lucky enough to host a performance of Macbeth by Box Clever Theatre, a theatre company dedicated to the creation of contemporary theatre for young people.

Macbeth is our key Shakespeare text for English Literature GCSE. Year 10s are currently reading the play, whilst Year 11s will be examined in May on a character or theme using an extract. The production has a modern twist, making the difficult Shakespearian language as accessible as possible.

Mr Bliss said that he “really enjoyed the performance, but what I enjoyed even more was seeing the expressions on our students’ faces. They will get much out of it academically but perhaps more importantly they had a taste of how powerful and profound an experience live theatre can be”.

The performance was enjoyed by all with a great reaction from students – there was even some audience participation, making the story as interactive and engaging as possible. Seeing the performance has helped enhance the student’s understanding and enjoyment of the play. A special thank you to Box Clever Theatre for coming to visit us!

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