Language Students Impress in Speaking Exams

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Over the last week, over 60 students have sat their speaking exams for their language GCSE. These exams are worth 25% of their overall grade and take just 20 minutes. They consist of a role play, a task to describe a photo, and two sets of conversation questions. They even have to ask the examiner a question too!

Luckily we are able to make sure that students do the exam with their teacher so it’s someone they know and trust rather than a scary unfamiliar face. Most of the exams were French and Spanish, but this year we also had a German exam and three Arabic exams. In the past, we have had Portuguese, Greek and even Urdu. Anyone who speaks another language at home is welcome to look into the possibility of doing their home language as a GCSE and we do our best to accommodate this.

Ms Stallard, Ms Perronno, Mrs Sauer and Mrs Darwish all worked very hard to make sure it all went smoothly, and Mr Smith, Mrs Winfield and Mrs Lankstead were brilliant at making sure all the students were in the right place at the right time.

It can be very scary speaking a foreign language, and the students have done a fantastic job! Only a few weeks until the reading, listening and writing exams so it’s time for our students to focus on learning vocabulary and practicing actives. Good luck!

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