Confirmed Case of Measles in Brighton and Hove

Dear Parents / Carer

There was a confirmed case of measles in a child who lives in Brighton and Hove. For reasons of medical confidentiality, we are unable to disclose the child’s identity.

It is possible that other children – who attend various schools / nurseries in the local area – will have caught measles from this child; and if so, they may then pass it on to other unvaccinated children.

If your child has not had two doses of MMR, please contact your GP to arrange for them to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccination before being in contact with a case will protect your child; and even if done afterwards it can mean they do not get as ill as they would otherwise have done.

There has been an update where there are 5 confirmed cases of measles in the local community. Read the latest information from the Public Health England below:

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