Letter to Year 7 Parents and Carers – 13.7.2020

Dear Y7 Parent/ Carer,


Re: 1-1 Meetings for Y7 planned for Friday 17th July – Wednesday 22nd July


We would firstly like to thank you for all your support with engaging your child with home learning. The next step is for year 7 students to attend a focused 1-1 meeting between one student and a member of staff. We have already undertaken this with our year 10s as well as currently undertaking this with year 9s and it is also planned for year 8s. Feedback so far has been extremely positive. In this meeting we will be discussing how your child is feeling about home learning and returning to school in September including discussing any worries or answering any queries. In addition, we will discuss the work they have completed (the work they have not completed), where the struggles have been, what support they need to succeed, how can we best support them and how their mental and physical health is. It will be a positive, upbeat, ‘smiley faced’ welcome alongside an honest assessment of the impact the last few months have had on them and their education. We care greatly about your child and with this knowledge, we can develop our plans for September.


It is important for your child to attend this meeting, as this is the first step of the journey back to school. We need to build confidence and a reconnection, for all involved.  We will only use designated areas of the school, in addition, social distancing, hand washing, one-way system, area marking and cleaning of areas will be in place to ensure the 1-1 meetings are safe.


The next steps:

  1. Please complete the parent/ carer survey as this captures useful information for the member of staff undertaking the 1-1 meeting – these will be emailed out a few days before.
  2. Please encourage your child to complete the student survey we will be sending out as this too gives us useful information for the 1-1 meeting.
  3. Using the usual parent/carer evening system on the school portal, your child will sign up to a mentoring session see link https://longhill.org.uk/school-life/parent-student-portal/
  4. These mentoring sessions will be 30-40 minutes long.


Instructions for Attending the 1-1 Meeting:

  1. These are for students only, but parents can wait in the car park.
  2. Please arrive on time.
  3. There will be signs on display directing you to where these will take place and where to wait.


Please note we are aiming to start these 1-1 meetings Friday 17th July, if there are any changes to this plan, we will inform you.


Kind regards,



Kate Williams


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