Passing Fundamentals – Physical Education

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Yesterday the sports hall was thumping with the sound of basketballs, Mr Rolf at the helm was teaching the fundamentals of passing, using the bounce pass, chest pass and overhead pass.

To get the heart rate up, the class started running drills back and forth across court. They then drew rock-paper-scissors to introduce a level of competition, to eventually using their footwork to weave themselves between cones and navigate each other .

Mr Rolf makes sure his sessions always adhere to the 4 B’s

  • Be active
  • Behaviour
  • Be a leader in your learning
  • Be a leader in others learning

Key takeaways from the session were:

  • Stepping into the pass
  • Aiming for the target
  • Snapping the thumbs on release

Despite a shaky start with balls flying all over the place, you could barely hear a ball touching the floor towards the end of the lesson. Students showed tremendous growth in such a short space of time and they should all be proud of themselves.

Mr Rolf said that the group wore the badge with pride and
demonstrated the 4 R’s

  • Responsibility
  • Reputation
  • Respect
  • Represent

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