Careers Week: Day 2

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The day kicked off with familiar visitor in our Assembly Hall. Ricky Perrin, who ran Wheel Chair basketball in the Sports Centre back in January. He went into depth about how inclusive exercises can be, so family and friends can play together and not be left out. He then showed students a video of some of the events he had been a part of and answered any questions regarding the work he does.

We then had a celebrity ‘Grace’ our main hall, who talked about her influencer lifestyle. She juggles two jobs to maintain a living and stressed the amount of hours she puts into creating content. The seminar was exclusive to female students, they asked plenty of questions and left the session with a famous follower.

To keep with the celebrity theme we had Jason Hughes in the Drama Studio, talking to a group of students about his experiences on Stage and on Screen. He began going over his performance of To Kill a Mocking Bird. A play we were invited to attend (, as a few members of the group went on the trip. He then provided a summary of his life in acting and answered questions about the profession.

We then had policy manager for Cancer Research UK, Dr Abigail Bloy, visiting various STEM lessons around B block. She stressed the importance of her role in making sure that research practices are undertaken in the right way and also her involvement with the media team, who communicate new developments in a more accessible way.

To round off the day, designer John Moore came in to talk about his creations to a class of Art students. He discussed how he would develop an idea, the materials used and how he gets inspired. We learned that his work was even scouted by Marvel for an upcoming feature film! For the second half of the lesson John reviewed students sketchbooks and provided feedback.

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