Careers Week: Day 3

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The morning started with Paul Samuels, a motivational speaker, who talked about his career journey from working security part-time at Wembley Stadium, to working for AEG and pitching the purchase of Millennium Stadium (now known as the o2). He devised 11 lessons of life that he wanted to impart to our students and answered many questions from the audience.

Taking over the hall we then had the Rise Employability Workshop, which focuses on developing key skills such a, reliability, team work and problem solving. The session started by splitting into groups, based on the personality type they think they are. They discussed the advantages and disadvantages of that type, and returned to their tables to flesh out their discussions.

To finish the day, we had Tree Surgeon Joe Spurgeon visiting STEM lessons. He discussed the health and safety concerns regarding Tree Surgery, the different pathways you can take and the types of projects you can be involved with. Students asked lots of questions with enthusiasm and Joe fed off that energy by providing the answers they were looking for.

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