Shanty Town Redevelopment – Geography

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Developing a town takes a great deal of planning and attention to detail. Year 7 students in Mrs Seabys Geography class, were tasked to help people of Dharavi (a slum in Mumbai, India) in the short and long-term.

The class began watching a short documentary about the slum, noting down their observations about the housing, roads, jobs and the conditions that people live in. Before starting the class exercise, students had to think about transport, overcrowding, water supply, waste disposal, electricity and sewage.

Students were then given a planning grid, price list and a budget sheet and to follow these guidelines:

  • Can only spend 4000 rupees
  • Must build at least 60 houses
  • Must provide services for the local people

The class took on-board these instructions with careful consideration and demonstrated some effective plans to improve the slums.

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