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On Friday 23rd June 2023, we were blessed with having Zemroy Thomas, better known by his stage name Da Fuchaman visit our school. He is a Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter and teacher.

Teaching at a PRU (pupil referral unit), they are a type of school that caters for children who aren’t able to attend a mainstream school. Children who attend a PRU might be, permanently excluded from their mainstream school for behaviour reasons, or at risk of permanent exclusion or experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties, including problems with anger, mental health issues, and school phobia/refusal.

He started the day visiting English classrooms, giving a speech to our students about the importance of education and how privileged we are in this country with free education.

You can watch one of his talks here: https://youtu.be/EJCZFtcF5YE

During Period 4, Da Fuchaman worked with a small group, talking about the dangers of gang affiliations, carrying weapons and selling drugs. This session was a chance for students to ask questions about what his students have gone through and what to look out for, to avoid trouble in the future.

To end the day Da Fuchaman performed in the main hall to a packed audience (largely year 9 students), he played a variety of songs and also got the audience to participate with his choruses.

Watch the full performance here!: https://youtu.be/pqEKRR895zw

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