New Intake Day – July 2023

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On the 6th July 2023 it was a wonderful day, seeing so many bright-eyed students stepping into Longhill High School for our New Intake Day.

Year 6 students from Woodingdean, City Academy Whitehawk, Rudyard Kipling, St Margaret’s, Our Lady of Lourdes, Saltdean and beyond, started their day in our Sports Hall. Sat in their mentor groups 7B, 7R, 7I, 7G, 7H, 7T, 7O and 7N, was welcomed to the school by Acting Head Teacher Mr Holland.

Our new students even got a video message from our new Head Teacher, Mrs Otulakowski. This is a very special, as none of the other years have seen, or heard from Her yet!

The key aim of the day is for students for to bond with each other, as they will be placed into mentor groups with some of their friends and those from different schools. During Mentor time, they had their picture taken for a time capsule, which will be returned to them in Year 11. They wrote a profile for themselves in Year 6, listing their likes, hobbies and interests and wrote a note to their Year 11 Selves.

To get students mixing with others, students designed their own micronations. Choosing where they will be located, implementing the laws, deciding the currency and mocking up the flag. Aspiration Determination and Success, is the values that we implement to all our students, the overall theme of the task was to create an aspiring, determined and successful nation that will flourish.

As a special treat, the P.E. & Performing Arts department, showcased a couple dance routines and drama performances for the new Year Group. They got to see an advanced rehearsal for Snow White, Hansel & Gretel and a group of girls from the Unity Dance Group that are certain to feature in Let’s Dance event in the future.

Longhill High School is spoilt in the amount of land we have to offer our students and during the lunch break we placed them exclusively out in the back fields. They there enjoyed the sunshine and played together with their new friends.

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