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On the Friday 6th October 2023, ITV News visited the school to record a piece about the challenges schools are currently facing when it comes to offering music lessons.

A lack of funding for music education in schools means learning an instrument is becoming something that is only affordable for those that can afford private tuition. Students who qualify for free school meals may receive a partial subsidy to help but with a cost of living crisis, where does that leave working-class kids? What impact will this have on the musical landscape?

The Music department is run by Ali English, who currently teaches and organises music lessons for all students at Longhill. She mentioned that there is a decline in students taking up orchestral instruments, brass and woodwind. The rise of technology has made music less collaborative, reducing the skills gained making music together.

Currently KS3 students get a music lesson once a week, and KS4 students get 5 lessons per fortnight. Over 50 students currently are signed up to learn an instrument beyond their lessons, which leads to students participating in school theatre productions, concerts and showcases.

Longhill High School is supported by the Create Music Hub (, where students can apply to learn an instrument. If you need more information, or assistance filling in the application please contact

The ITV recordings of today is due to be aired over the coming weeks on Meridian Tonight. We will share the segment once it has been broadcast.

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