Year 7 & 8 High Achievers Presentations

On the 4th December 2023, during periods 1 and 2 Students gathered in the VCS to give a presentation on a subject they are passionate about. These Students are the highest achieving Students at the school in Years 7 & 8. Not only did they present each other, Librarian and Reaching Coach Mx Dungey-Betts, and Headteacher Rachelle Otulakowski was also in attendance.  

Year 7 topics involved; How Druga Puja is celebrated in the Hindu religion, Mental Health, Henry VIII, Vikings, The Titanic, The fall of the Spanish Armada, Great Britain, Operation Desert Storm, What makes a good Pokémon? Ancient Greece, Dungeons & Dragons, Dog Breeding, The Titanic, Witchcraft of England,

Year 8 topics include; Dance, How to send a Rocket into Space and Who would win in a fight between Pokémon vs 1 Billion Lions.

The students involved will be included into a prize draw at the end of term, to win an Amazon voucher during their celebration assembly. Well done to all that presented.

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