Plant Life? It Looks Delicious!

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Take a look…….If our picture looks more like an entry for Bake Off than Science homework, click on the headline to read more!


Year 7 student, Aimee Weston, took her science homework to another level when she produced this fabulous Model of a Plant Cell cake.

Aimee, who joined Longhill in September from Saltdean Primary School, enlisted the help of her Mum in baking her amazing cake.  According to her science teacher, Mr Chapman, the cake is an extremely accurate representation of a plant cell.  In case you would like to know what it all means, then an explanation can be found via the link

Plant Cell (1)

Aimee and her friends, Heidi and Emily, said that they are enjoying life at Longhill.  “It’s a much bigger school, with more to do.  The teachers are nice and the activities are fun,” they said.  “It’s great to have such a big field to play on at break times and the food is really good!”


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