Letter to Year 6 Parent and Carers Who Have Children Starting at Longhill High School In September 2020

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May 2020


Dear Year 6 Parent and Carers,


Thank you for completing and returning the Pre-Admission Form.


We are very much looking forward to the arrival of our new Year 7s in September and appreciate that you and your child will have a lot of questions, some of which we will cover in this initial email and the rest will be shared in future correspondence.


This email, therefore, will provide you with key information about Longhill High School and, as we are trying to reduce the number of letters and emails being sent out during these difficult times, it is quite lengthy.


This letter includes the following information for parents/carers:

  • Life at Longhill booklet



  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Parents and Carers



Life at Longhill is a booklet designed for students by students while the FAQs is what, in our experience; parents and carers are most interested in finding out about. It is important to note that due to Covid-19 there may be some changes to normal school life in September.


Further email to look out for:

In late June you will receive another email. This will inform you which mentor group your child has been allocated and, if it is able to go ahead, your child will be invited to spend a Taster Day at Longhill High School and you will receive an invitation to our Parent/Carer Evening.


Taster Day and Parent/ Carer Evening:

Due to the current climate, we are not able to confirm these two events, but we will be keeping in contact with you in order to provide further information. If these two events do not take place (as they usually do), we will liaise with you so you know what we are doing instead to ensure you and your child have a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.



Sussex Uniforms are running a promotion for new school starters in September. They are offering £5 off a £50 spend. More information can be found on their website. https://longhill.org.uk/admissions/transition/


If you have any further questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to email us at admissions@longhill.org.uk


Yours sincerely,

Mr Fallick

Assistant Headteacher

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