Sussex Police Letter to Year 11 Parents 29.6.2020

Dear Parents/Guardians


Due to the coronavirus, which has led to the lockdown and closing of schools we are aware that this year’s school prom/parties for year 11’s and 13’s have had to be cancelled by schools.


We recognise that these young people would like to mark the moving on from their school or college and have the chance to say good bye to others that they have grown up with.


Due to these normally supervised events not being able to take place, we are aware that a number of gatherings are being arranged by young people themselves, to mark this occasion. Please be aware that there will be no one responsible for managing and supervising these events, which are normally run by schools or colleges.


Due to this, there is a worry about alcohol and drug consumption at these gatherings, with no one there to safeguard your child.


A further concern is the presence of other people who your child may not know and may not be from the same school or even the same age. Again, this raises safeguarding concerns.


As an alternative, a number of you may wish to get together to support your young people in organising their own event. May I remind you, that the liability and responsibility for any private party would remain with the parents organising/hosting the event.


This letter is not written with any desire to cause distress or be party pooper, but rather out of duty of care that we all work together to make sure that your child is keep safe.


Police will be out patrolling our communities over the coming weeks as lockdown measures ease and are also working with partner agencies to help people keep safe. Your support to keep your child/children safe is much appreciated.


Yours sincerely,


Jo Grantham

Chief Inspector

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