Mr Richard Morley

Mr Morley was my Head Teacher when I was a student at Longhill High School during 1974-1978 and then He became my colleague in 1988. He was superb and I admired him greatly for his drive, energy and enthusiasm for Education. He developed a school environment with his staff that was happy, enjoyable and exciting.

He appointed dedicated staff, who taught lessons that developed a students curiosity in the world and challenged them to work to the best of their ability. He built meaningful foundations and traditions that still have relevance today. Structures that gave transformational opportunities and experiences to many students over the years.

He believed in the strong promotion of the House system and its importance in developing the school’s ethos and values. It gave the students an identity at school and sense of belonging so their talents could flourish. The House system galvanised individuals into a collective endeavour, to make a difference, inspire each other and the next generation.

He appointed staff that could not only teach well but were willing to get involved in a vast range of extra-curricular clubs, with many teachers leading and managing teams. This generated an atmosphere where all staff contributed to a fantastic range of Year 11 options, annual Cross-Country Events and Athletics.

He invested a great deal in outdoor pursuits and education, and believed in the benefits students can gain from such activities as Team building. Some of these activities involved Canoeing, Rock-Climbing and Sailing. The Year 9 and 10 advanced camps were brilliant. The template for these activities have been adapted and continue today.

Longhill High School has been a huge part of my life and career. I respected Mr Morley greatly, he always gave me wise council and advice. I was very grateful for his encouragement, support and opportunities he provided. Traditions from the past that are still present today and will continue to impact future students, staff and the local community.

What a legacy.

Thank you.


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