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Richard Morley was Longhill High School’s first Headteacher and also the current longest serving one between the years 1963-1988.

I first came across him in 1973 when he interviewed me for a History Teaching post. It was a day which would shape my life for the next 39 years as I was offered the position! What struck me about him was his enthusiasm and love for ‘His’ School.

He believed in team work and he had some great lieutenants to support him in the shape of Jim Mann, Peter Lloyd, Dave Burt, Steve Parfitt, Bob Tanner, Dave Lewes and Joan Pink. Even the Office Staff and the School Caretakers, Bill Keating and Yvonne Kempshall were a big part of his team.

It was a fun place to be, perhaps not for everyone but for most. He was well known for his use of the loudhailer and promoting all sports. He was passionate about Cross Country and Athletics. Hence why, we under his leadership ran the National Schools Cross Country Championship one year in the ’70s! He guided the School and the community through the transition of becoming a Comprehensive.

Highlights of the School year were, Drama Productions, 3rd and 4th Camps, Students v Staff matches, Football, Cricket, Rugby and Basketball, not forgetting the Staff Relay Race on Sportsday! The Christmas festivities, the 5th Year Christmas Show, Christmas Dinner.

Exam results were important, but my overriding memory of a great Headteacher was that he valued both his Staff and Students.

Mr Vaughan
Under-12 Rugby finals Hove Park, Dewi Vaughan, Robert Metcalfe, early-1980s
Under-12 Rugby finals Hove Park, Dewi Vaughan, Robert Metcalfe, early-1980s
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