Varndean College STEM Centre Open Evening

On 23rd November 2022, Ms Wilson, Mr Rolf and a group of our students attended Varndean College’s STEM opening.

Spending £2.9m, Varndean College aims to create a home for students wishing to pursue a career in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Through our STEM teaching, we encourage students to move on to higher level STEM courses and into a STEM career. These students will hopefully go on to work on some of the biggest developments of the 21st Century.

STEM subjects are the foundation of the industrial and corporate world and the students who study these subjects will gain a diverse and comprehensive skill set. As such, these subjects present a high currency for universities and are also sought after by a wide range of employers.

STEM skills are essential and not only contribute to the UK’s manufacturing and research output, but they also offer exciting opportunities in emerging technologies.

Varndean College

Professor Robert Winston was the special guest at the opening, which marks a historic moment of what could be a jewel in the crown of the city. Other notable attendees were the Mayor of Brighton & Hove and other local dignitaries. Activities included a Magic Show by tutor John Luton, a range of STEM Masterclasses and a talk by Professor Winston.

Ms Wilson, the head of the science department at Longhill High School and also one of the organisers of the school’s STEM clubs, had a few words to say about the event.

What an amazing afternoon we’ve had at Varndean College, all of our students were absolutely fantastic!
They attended a Science show, took part in STEM Masterclasses and then had a chance to talk and ask questions with Professor Robert Winston. Simply fantastic. 

Ms Wilson

The STEM subjects that Varndean College offer for further education are: A Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. BTEC Diplomas in: Applied Biology, Engineering and Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation.

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