Wheelchair Basketball

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It was exciting times returning to school this term and year. We hosted Wheelchair Basketball in the sports centre, where students got the chance to play during their regular P.E. Lessons.

Pupils were lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience wheelchair basket ball lead by the amazing Ricky.

In lessons pupils felt what it was like to move around in a specialist sports wheelchair. Playing a variety of fun games and challenges that tested their speed and control. Their skills were put to the test when the basketballs were introduced and they had to problem solve how to bounce the ball and move. The lesson finished with a friendly match which all the pupils got stuck into.

It was also amazing to see pupils come back for more in the afterschool sessions.

Pupils from all years worked together to hone their skills and got stuck into an amazing match! It was brilliant to see the students trying a new activity with such enthusiasm.

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