Brighton Brick Show

Longhill Sports Centre is proud to present Brighton Brick Show: Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of colourful bricks and incredible creations. Whether you’re a die-hard LEGO enthusiast or just curious about the endless possibilities of these beloved building blocks, this event is perfect for all ages, including AFOL. You can grab yourself a… Read more

Wheelchair Basketball

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It was exciting times returning to school this term and year. We hosted Wheelchair Basketball in the sports centre, where students got the chance to play during their regular P.E. Lessons. Pupils were lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience wheelchair basket ball lead by the amazing Ricky. In lessons pupils felt what it was like to move… Read more

Longhill Sports Centre Closed

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CLOSURE OF LONGHILL SPORTS CENTRE   Longhill Sports Centre will be closed from 12pm on Friday 20/03/2020 until further notice.   We have advised Brighton & Hove City council to freeze all Direct Debit memberships.   Annual Memberships will have the missed time period added on once the centre re-opens.   Any outstanding costs for… Read more

Badminton Clubs Take off at Longhill Sports Centre

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At the start of this year, staff at Longhill Sports Centre (LSC) decided to add badminton to their list of activities and academies on offer.  Now, six months later, the shuttlecocks are still flying, with the badminton clubs going from strength to strength. Longhill Sports Centre’s Junior Badminton Academy runs every Tuesday from 5 –… Read more